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Optical kerning, refined weight, and defined clearspace, as well as well-delineated placement in relation to other content, all help to make our logo as instantly recognizable as possible at all sizes and in all contexts.


Our logo is based on simple shapes. It is carefully constructed to maintain ownable characteristics while allowing for perfect legibility at any size on any application. The dynamic space between the U and the b is made possible by our kickstand U that has a vertical stroke descending from the right side.


Clearspace around the logo is equal to the cap height of the U.

Clearspace exceptions

Maintaining clearspace with the Uber logo depends on the type of communication and use.

App icons

Signage with limited space

Trade dress

Social icons


The logo should be white on darker backgrounds and black on lighter backgrounds.


Our logo is designed to scale to small sizes on print and screen. Smallest size: 18 pixels wide/0.25 inches wide/0.635 centimeters wide.


The logo placement depends on the type of communication and use.

Bottom left

Digital communications such as calls to action and websites, as well as functional applications such as environmental signage, place the logo at the bottom left of your composition.

Bottom right

For communications in languages that read from right to left, place the logo at the bottom right of your composition.


Compositions using a bold U-frame can have a center-aligned logo. Depending on the composition's image(s), the logo can be 
placed either south or north of the inset.

Top left

Digital communications such as calls to action and websites, as well as functional applications such as environmental signage, should have the logo aligned at top left.


Aligning partnership logos should follow clearspace rules. The separating line between logos can be created using the vertical line glyph in Uber Move Display Light at the same size as the logo.

Align partnership logos with product lockups by following the same rules as brand partnerships.

Vertical lockup

Horizontal lockup

Social icons

App icons are individually designed based on specifications. They are an exception to the clear space guidelines and are sized optically to best fit each shape.

Social icon construction

Align the logo center vertically and horizontally in the icon shape. Use half a horizontal U as the padding to the left and right edge of the icon shape.


Use the Uber glyph; don’t type out Uber in other weights.

Don’t stretch or manipulate the logo.

Don’t pair the logo with marks that may be confused as logos.

Don’t type out Uber in all caps or no caps.

Restricting use to only black or white affords us the highest contrast ratio, aiding accessibility.

Don’t type out Uber in any other fonts.

Don’t forget these important legal reminders

Do not use Uber as a verb (e.g., “Let’s Uber to the party.”). Instead, consider using Uber as an adjective.

Do not use Uber as a noun "My Uber has heated seats."

Do not use Uber in plural or possessive form e.g., “Ubers, Uber's, unless the mark itself is plural, such as Uber Eats”.



In some regions you will encounter languages that read right 
to left. Our system accommodates this.



Simplicity rules


Consistent experience


Embrace the power of black and white