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Our illustration style builds off the simple shapes of our logo and the transportation language background of our typeface. Simple shapes, clean lines, limited color, and heightened reality give our illustration a branded feel and make it easy to digest and understand at a glance.


Hyper efficient

Doing more with less by creating uncomplicated compositions

Easy to understand

Educating through bold telegraphic images

Inspiring through metaphor

Embracing magical realism to create compelling images


Geometric construction

Illustrations are constructed using basic geometric shapes.

Use of white and negative space

White is used strategically to allow more interplay between foreground and background.


Hero illustration

Used in high-impact moments, and can be used 
as background with overlaid copy.

Spot illustration

Used in smaller moments, usually paired with copy as visual aid so that the content can be easily understood.


Quick-read/literal illustrations focusing on one main idea; primarily optimized for email at 88x88px.


Activates negative space

Pulls the eye to a central focus

Color palettes

Specialty colors

The specialty colors are designed only for illustrations that require tone-on-tone pairings and product designs that require variations of tone and opacity.

Safety blue

Blue should be used to highlight key elements of safety.

Less blue is needed if white is dominant in the composition.

More blue is needed to offset other colors in a composition.


Do not use strokes

Do not use gradients

Do not use more than 3 colors in a single composition

Do not mix color palettes

Do not overuse black

Do not use blend mode or transparencies


Driver guide





Simple, bold, and telegraphic


Use of white for dynamic compositions


Use of blue in safety moments