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Brand architecture

From sub-brands to internal teams and products to programs, we build trust and equity into the Uber brand through a simplified architecture focused on consistency and efficiency.

Visual hierarchy

There are 3 different styles to build lockups for sub-brands, organizational brands, programs, products, teams, events, and campaigns.

Primary lockup

The primary lockup pairs Uber Move Display Medium with our logo, which is also written in Uber Move Display Medium. Used by sub-brands and organizational brands.

Secondary lockup

The secondary lockup pairs the Uber logo with Uber Move Display Light. Used by programs and by products and services.

No lockup

In some cases, there is no need for the Uber logo. This is either because the brand will mostly appear internally (teams) or in a situation where the Uber logo will appear independently of the brand (e.g., campaigns, events). By removing the Uber logo from this type of lockup, we avoid duplication and over-saturation in most cases. The name of the team, event, or campaign is set in Uber Move Display Medium. Used by internal teams.


Sub-brands are the distinct lines of business that service the needs of unique audiences.


• Unique entry point and customer workflow (i.e., standalone app)

• Gross bookings > $50M or ELT approval

Vertical lockup

Horizontal lockup


The entry point for the offering and the option available.


• Distinct audience and feature set; and

• Gross bookings > $10M or approved by sub-brand manager

*Some products do not receive a space, such as UberX and UberXL. Please consult with our internal brand toolkit for detailed information.


Tools and technologies that support products. Features do not have a lockup and are described with a simple and direct name, using the brand system of the product they support.

Internal teams

A non-public-facing team name.


It’s important to have a clear distinction between what is a lockup and what is information or copy. When referring to a product or program name within a block of copy, write the name with spacing rules applied, but keep the text weight consistent with the copy style. Do not use the lockup (which changes text weight) in headline or body copy.




We are one Uber


Build trust through consistency