Who we are

We take on today's biggest problems because we believe a better world is possible. We see the world as it could be, and we strive to make it a reality.

Who we serve

The Modern Striver

Young and old, rich and poor, customers and partners, they are everywhere and could be anyone. They're the billions of people worldwide who want to grow, explore, and seize opportunities. They believe that with the right tools at their fingertips, they can overcome barriers to make the lives they envision possible for themselves. They're not a demographic. They're people united by common way of looking at the world. We know them because we share their drive, their sense of optimism, and their ambition for changing the status quo.

We know them

because we

share their drive.

Doors Are Always Opening

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We are about moving people to where they want to be. In their day, in their lives, in the moment.

What we believe

Our riders, driver-partners, and employees all want to go somewhere. But they face barriers to their ambitions, big and small. They just need the space and freedom to move. Because when people and things can move, change can happen. What's possible expands, and potential can be realized.

Our mission

We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.

Movement ignites opportunity

Good things happen when people can move—whether across town or toward their dreams. What started as a way to tap a button to get a ride has led to billions of opportunities realized as people around the world go all kinds of places in all kinds of ways with the help of our technology. To learn the entire story of our brand, and how we got here, read our Brand Book.

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